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The latest Nikon patents

Nikon patent for lens adapter with adjustable flange back 234x300 The latest Nikon patents
Side view of the adapter
Nikon filed patent 2012-155026 in Japan for a lens adapter with adjustable flange back. The helicoid ring allows to further close focus the lens (similar adapter already exists for using Leica lenses with Sony NEX camera). In this patent the flange back will automatically be adjusted by the camera (CPU).

Nikon patent for reducing motion blur The latest Nikon patents
Patent 2012-156644 is for reducing motion blur:
  • Object recognition is performed for each frame, face recognition is used to detect the direction of movement.
  • The camera automatically zooms when the distance to the subject is changed to offset the blur.
  • The camera can also detect when the subject is stationary and then takes an image.

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