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ICAM change the iPhone 5 to DSLR Professional

 As in Steve Jobs's official biography written by Walter Isaacson, CEO of the famous Apple wants to reinvent his company three major industries in the television, books and photography.
 An ICAM concept of ADR Studio is intended for the iPhone 5, could be a new feature for Apple in creating a professional photographic industry such as Steve Jobs wants. Judging from the illustrations made ​​ADR Studio, ICAM is a physical accessory that can truly transform your iPhone 5 into a digital camera, equipped with the menu options and professional lenses like a DSLR.

For the concept of specification, ICAM equipped with 10.1-megapixel sensor and an ISO range of 100-3200 for full quality HD at 60 fps. Made of aluminum unibody, has a small touch screen on the front, LED Flash, pico projector, UHS-i SD slot, support motion sensor, Bluetooth and a lens that can be changed. In illustration of ICAM, this accessory device is also used for the video project that is reflected to a blank wall.
ICAM is likely to generate new pengalamam namely photographing the exclusive use of the smartphone, it is possible that other technology companies going to emulate a similar concept for the photographic industry in smartphones.

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