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Microsoft Office Will Soon Present At The iPad

Reporting from The Dailiy, Microsoft will deliver Office applications on the iPad. According to the source of the tech giant is actively trying to adapt the popular software suite for the Apple tablet. With the popularity of the iPad is used more than 80% in the tablet market and millions of people around the world using Office applications, Microsoft saw this as a great opportunity.

In addition to the iPad version, Microsoft is also busy preparing a new version of Office for OS X Lion and the beta version of Office 2012, which the current version of Office 2011 desktop package officially supports only IOS device until Snow Leopard.

It can be assumed that all applications will work well with Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based technologies such as mobile versions of the Windows Phone Office Hub. Because the Office 365 applications considered more suitable to work with a variety of devices compared with the usual regular Office application installed on a standalone PC, so most likely the price will be cheaper than regular existing Office applications or approximately no more than $ 10.

The full version of Office for the IOS device is expected to come at the end of this year, but still have to wait long for the iPad version. However, some Office applications for tablet devices has indeed been a lot of popping, so Microsoft felt left behind in developing these Office applications for the iPad.

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