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Yahoo ! Local Maps

A new and improved Yahoo! Local Maps has been recently made available. It offers maps with significantly more interactivity for broadband users. It is written using AJAX, leveraging Rich Internet Aplications techniques. Some features:

  • Draggable maps: The current map view can be manipulated by dragging it with the mouse or tapping the arrow keys. Zoom level can be controlled via the mouse scroll wheel, "Page Up"/"Page Down" keys, or the map's zoom bar.
  • Multi-point driving directions: Multiple addresses can be entered and manually reordered for complex driving directions.
  • Find On The Map: A local search by business name or category can be typed into the "Find On The Map" box to locate it in the current map view. A list of clickable point of interest categories is also available. The results can be further refined by user rating, or related category.
  • Widgets: A number of widgets over the map include a navigator widget, map type (map, satellite & hybrid) controller and a zoom level control.
  • Satellite Imagery: Labelled (hybrid) and unlabelled satellite imagery is available worldwide.
  • Overview map: Collapsible overview map provides context, with draggable grey area controlling the main map view.
  • International Coverage: Outside the US and Canada, Yahoo! Maps Beta can recognize city, province, and country names, and provide a small-scale map or satellite views.
  • Right click to set waypoint: an origin, destination, or midpoint can be set by right-clicking on the desired location on the map.
  • Draggable markers: Any marker can be dragged to the 'Get Map' text entry area to add that location to a route.

Live traffic, address book, and send to phone features are also available

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