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HP Donates WebOS Code System for Open Source Developers

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CALIFORNIA - HP reportedly will release the code behind the mobile operating system, WebOS for open source software developers.

Meanwhile, the company will continue to invest in projects to help third parties add enhancements.

"By contributing to this innovation, HP released the open source creativity to advance a new generation of applications and devices," said HP CEO, Meg Whitman, as reported by the BBC, Sunday (12/11/2011).

A statement from the company said, will create the basic code behind the WebOS is available under open source license. So that third-party developers, partners and HP engineers can provide enhancement of existing and new versions to market.

According to analysts, this decision will ensure the future of the platform at least in the short to medium term.

"But we still do not think, it will be the main platform to compete with Android and IOS. It will appeal to common tablet makers out there," said Chris Green, an analyst with technology dDavies Murphy Group Europe.

Meanwhile, Collin Gillis, senior technology analyst at BGC Partners commented, that HP finally missed a chance to disrupt the market with mobile computers powered by its software.

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