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Nikon FP7100 Review Update Specs

Nikon FP7100 - Today on January 10, 2012, This time I will review the Nikon FP7100 .try to see Nikon FP7100 below:

  • The Fantasea FP7100 underwater housing for Nikon Coolpix P7100 is now available on this brand new website. The price is $399.95.
  • Rare Nikon rangefinder Nikkor 1000mm f/6.3 lens on eBay.
  • Wallimex F mount tilt shift adapter for Sony NEX mount and m43 mount available on eBay.
  • Nikon SB-910 Speedligh manual now available for download.
  • Vincent Munier tested the Nikon D4 in Tibet.
  • Frozen Nikon DSLR.
  • Who needs the latest camera equipment? This picture captured with a Nikon D200 won an international photo competition.
  • Nikon D3S + 600mm lens + 2x converter captured this image of the International Space Station next to the Moon. The camera settings were: 1/1600 @ f/8, ISO 2500 on high continuous burst.
  • More Nikon D4 high ISO samples.
  • New remote shutter control for Nikon DLSR:


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