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Nikon D4, D800/E shipping by Nikon France

Nikon Review - this time sending info about nikon d4 and D800 to france.

Since I still have several readers asking me concerning it - those are the shipping dates for the Nikon D4 and D800/E confirmed by Nikon France in an exceedingly recent Q&A sessions:

"Le D4 sera commercialisé à partir du fifteen mars 2012. Le D800 à partir du twenty two mars et le D800E à partir du twelve avril."

Translation: "The D4 are sold from March fifteen, 2012. The D800 from March twenty two and D800E from April twelve."

Those dates match the previously reported estimates from Amazon, Adorama and B&H (D800 and D800E dates).

Nikon's representative additionally mentioned that the D700 can still be obtainable for sale alongside the D800/E. the worth of the D700 already dropped in Europe (£450 less within the UK: £1,799.95 at Amazon and Jessops). Still no word on a worth drop within the US where the D700 is out of stock everywhere.

Update: after all an hour once I revealed this post on-line, Amazon got the D700 in stock - the worth is that the same.

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