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A Marine with a Nikon D5000 in Afghanistan

In October of 2009 I deployed to the Helmand Province, Afghanistan as a machine gunner in a Security Company. We provided security to Combat Engineers who were building and repairing roads and convoy security from base to base. Our missions ranged in time length from overnight to weeks at a time on average, with the longest being a month long mission.

During the deployment I purchased a Nikon D5000 with the 18-55mm Nikkor kit lens as well as the 55-200mm Nikkor in December of 2009 as a present to myself.  I used parachute cord to secure my small camera bag in the turret with me. In the bag I packed the camera body, the two lenses, two batteries and charger. Fortunately there was room for the manual because it was my first DSLR. The camera stayed right by my side next to where my M4 service rifle was mounted. I used the 12v power in the truck to charge my batteries.

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