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Nikon D600 now shipping

Nikon D600 shelf Nikon D600 now shipping
Nikon D600 D800 BestBuy Nikon D600 now shipping
Nikon D600 Modena Italy Nikon D600 now shipping
The Nikon D600 is currently shipping in many countries around the world. The camera seems to be very weel stocked and I don't think there will be any delays when filling existing pre-orders.

Additional D600 coverage

Nikon D600 vs. D700 ISO comparison:
Nikon D600 vs D700 25600 NR OFF Nikon D600 now shipping

There are two tests: first is with NR OFF and second is with NR ON NORMAL settings. Photos are JPG straight from the camera with WB PRESET MANUAL and picture control set to SD standard. Same settings and lens were used on both cameras.

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