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Androidland: Shop the World's First Android

Upon hearing the name of each person must assume Androidland everything about Android, it is the name of the world's first retail store dedicated to all things related to Android.

Stores that opened in Melbourne, Australia has been prepared since last July, displays and sells a wide range of Android smartphones, tablet, Android robots and accessories. Even in the store there is a replica of the spacecraft where visitors can play Angry Birds with Google Earth or surf on the big screen.

Stores are nuanced Android Gingerbread is operated by Telstra, a telecommunications and electronics company in Australia.

According to the blog Androidcentral, Telstra is working with Google and OEM partners to open a shop area of ​​154 square meters. Androidland Telstra will operate for six months to gauge public interest, if the internal target are met then the store will be open much longer and is expected to open branches in other regions or even countries.

While Google, OEM partners, handset vendors and operators have been promoting their Android devices in stores all over the world, but with the specialty stores like Android is expected to increase the visibility of the platform, delivering clearer messages trademark, and helping enthusiasts to try the device to make purchasing decisions more precise.

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