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Samsung Show Video Concepts Tablet Flexible and Transparent Future

reported 9to5google from Samsung has just released his official video that showcased a tablet-like device that is flexible and transparent, much like the Productivity Future Vision launched by Microsoft.

Based on existing video can be seen that later on our cell phones will also serve as a tablet with a transparent layer as used in the photo frame. In addition to flexible, transparent and can be seen the device is also shown capable of producing Augmented Reality and Geo-location services as well as showing the magazine digitally.

The concept of the tablet device itself is made ​​of 3D glass sheets measuring about 10 inches which is paired with a context sensitive user interface.

Previously Samsung Mobile Display division also has showcased mobile device with a flexible display with AMOLED technology that measures 4.5 inches at CES 2012.

All of these device concepts will be realized in 2012, but Samsung's definitely not the only company that developed this new display technology, because rivals Nokia and Microsoft also have a similar concept.

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