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Gamepad For Firefox

It seems that Mozilla wants to bring web gaming to a new level. Just recently the company introduced the gamepad support API (Application Programming Interface) that enables game developers to access the gamepad in the Firefox browser.

Where gamepad in mind that until now only available only for desktop computers and game consoles, but with a gamepad API developers can create web-based games that support the use of USB or bluetooth gamepad connected to the computer.

If the developers succeeded in realizing this gamepad API, then we can play the web-based games (the browser) without mouse and keyboard again. Like the kind of fighting and sports games will be more fun and easier to play.

Seriring with Web technologies continue to be the future of gaming may depend on your web browser. Besides cross-platform support is also a sizable intensive for developers where they can be coding to build a game and make the game can run on all operating systems. Here's a short video demonstration gamepad API:


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